Happy 13th Birthday My Alyssa

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Daily Journal
My lovely Alyssa,  
You are 13 years old now.
A big girl, with a bigger responsibilities.
Do you know that 13 is considered as a sacred number?
‘Coz nobody likes it.
But you know what?
Once in a life time, everybody got their 13.
All this time being your mother,
Nothing I say could express my feelings to you.
You are never a troublesome.
Well, little bit but not too big.
But that’s okay.
‘Coz it’s normal to be a trouble maker now and then.
You never failed me.
You are honest.
You are smart.
You are bright.
You are funny.
You are sensitive.
You are what I expected from a daughter.
You are the best daughter ever!
I love you.
And I’m proud of you.
Love Always,

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